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Nile company for medcine and chemical Industry

- The Nile Company for Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Industries was established in 1962. It is a joint stock company belonging to the public business sector, with an authorized capital of 1,011,250 million (67% holding company).
- The Nile Company is a leading company in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 60 years. We have experience in producing pharmaceuticals for the Egyptian market and more than 50 years of experience in exporting to most countries in the Middle East.
The company is distinguished by its unique production that covers a wide range of pharmaceutical branches. It also has a very developed infrastructure and a highly qualified and experienced team in its various technical sectors.

The company’s manpower is characterized by various qualifications, including pharmacists, technicians, scientists, and engineers with high academic degrees. – The company also uses an excellent elite of professors from the faculties of medicine and pharmacy as consultants who cooperate with specialists in the company to meet the need for technical medical and scientific advice to link science with modern technology. The confidence gained as a result of dealing with many of the largest international pharmaceutical companies has been translated into third-party manufacturing agreements to produce their products under the name of our company, including: Cheisi farmaceutici SPA -Pharma, Shering Plow Organon, Mundipharma, Merck, ICN, Delandale, Aventis-Sanofi, American home products- New York.

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