Board Members

Dr/ Hesham Abd Elaziz Elsayed                      Chairman Of the Board & Managing Director       

Dr/ Irene Fouad Garges                                                   Non- Executive Member

Mr/ Mohsen Ali Mohamed Hussen                                     Non- Executive Member

Mr/ Mohamed Ahmed Halim                                              Non-Executive Member

Mr/ Ahmed Mohamed  Baheg                                            Non- Executive Member                       

Dr/ Hesham Abd Elftah  Abd Elaziz                                   Elected Board Member

Dr/ Mostafa Abd Eltoab Ebd Rabo                                     Elected Board Member

Mr/ Adel Abd Elaziz Salem                                                 Elected Board Member

Mr/ Ahmed Mohamed Abd Elrahman                                  Elected Board Member

Audit Committee:   

Mr/ Mohamed Ahmed Halim                                       Non-Executive Member  (Head)

Dr/ Irene Fouad Garges                                             Non-Executive Member

Mr/ Mohsin Ali Mohamed Mohsin                                 Non-Executive Member

Assistant Members:  Head of The Finantial Affairs Sector of The Company