About Us

We provide high quality products, we look forward to cover all our customer's needs from high tech products. We also, look to serve our community, develop the skills of our employee in all our steps of production.

Nile Pharma Factory

Insist for the good quality, follow the good manufacturing practice (GMP) rules, continuous improvement and updating of all activities, team creativity & innovation.
All of these factors are the success key.
All our actions & interactions reflect the highest quality because we provide the highest standards of ethics & integrity.


Good leadership using empowering, modeling leads to sustained superior performance.

Team Work

We have found that to be a successful company we must let people think, let them to express themselves & to work with a team spirit.


All tomorrow's reality started with today's great ideas. So no specific age or size, only creativity is all we need

Customer Focus

We are responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer's requirements. That's why our customers are always in our mind.

Commitment to our people

Since 1962 our key priority has been investment in employee training and development. New employee training, on the job training, job rotation, and succession planning are all part of our training and development programs.
We believe strongly in the principal of internal technical support, as evidenced by the fact that most of the members of our management team have worked for the company for many years, developing their skills and experience in a variety of different roles throughout the group.

We truly believe that our success is based on qualified and satisfied employees who are part of a larger community to which the company and its stakeholders belong and enrich.

Significant pipeline

We have a strong product pipeline with more than 20 pending
approval for new products.

We are increasingly focusing our pipeline on high value-added products in key therapeutic areas such as biotechnology products.

Commitment to quality manufacturing

Our multiple manufacturing facilities provide us with the flexibility to select the most appropriate manufacturing strategy for a particular product, taking into account factors such as cost, regulatory requirements and capacity.