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Lignocaine 5% cream




 - Active Ingredients: 

 Lignocaine Hydrochloride----------2 % or  5 %.

- Inactive Ingredients: 

 - Cream: Cetostearyl alcohol, Glycerin, Tween 8, Liquid parafin, Nipasept, Lavender oil, Purified water.

 - Gel: Carbapol 940, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, propylen glycol, triethanolamine, tween 80, lavander oil, isopropyl myristate. 


Pharmaceutical Forms:- 


Gel & Cream. 


Pharmacological  Action:-


Lignocaine blocks the conduction of nerve impulses by decreasing the neuronal membrane permeability to sodium ions. This reversibly stabilizes the membrane and inhibits depolarization, resulting in the failure of propagated action potential and subsequent conduction blockade. 




- Its duration of  action is about 45 minutes.

 - The gel form is characterized by being very rapidly absorbed from the skin thus induces a very quick anaesthetic action. 

Lignocaine 5% Gel 



1. The control of pain, itching, burning and other unpleasant symptoms due to:

 - Minor burns.

 - Abrasions.

 - Napkin rash and stomatitis apthosa.

 - Non poisonous insect bites.

 - Inoperable anorectal conditions.

 - Haemorrhoids,Fissures, nipple soreness. 

 - Dermatological lesions and similar conditions. 

2.Anaesthetic lubricant for endotracheal intubation .

3.Prevent and control pain during examination and instrumentation.


Dosage and Mode of Application:-

Lignocaine 5% cream 

Not more than 1 - 2 ml should be applied to the affected area once or twice daily or in any suitable frequency. For Fissured nipples apply the cream after each feed, but aseptic cleansing prior to each feeding is essential. 




Caution must be taken to avoid overdosage when appling lignocaine to large areas of injured or abraded skin.




Known hypersensitivity to local anaesthetics of the amide type.


Side Effects:-


Hypersensitivity reactions may be encountered but they are rare.


Drug Interactions:-

Lignocaine 5% cream 



Pregnancy and Lactations:-  


- No evidence of harm to the fetus. 

 - The use of a sterile gauzed pad is suggested when applying the product to broken or burnd skin. 


Packaging & Storage:- 


- Carton box Contains tube of 20 gm gel or cream. 

 - Store at temp below 30 °C.


Instructions to Patients:- 


- Avoid long term use.

 - Keep out of the reach of children. 




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